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Internet + era of traditional fabric industry, how to detonate the new energy?

Update:15 Sep 2017

By the international economic situation, higher production costs, industrial restructuring and a series of new market order forcing traditional cloth enterprises are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges, many companies are confused, and sometimes lost the direction of the former line. Faced with this situation, as the miniature of the whole picture of China's textile industry and the wind direction of the professional exhibition platform is very important, the accumulation of new momentum to promote the development of the fabric industry to create incalculable value.
In today's industry reshuffle intensified the situation, many cloth enterprises according to market conditions for strategic adjustment, not just a price war, but by expanding sales channels, enhance the brand image, good products and other brand upgrade means to seize the market .

"Now the fabric enterprises to treat the kind of product strength, really too valuable, good market conditions in the past when the factory simply can not see the shadow of the boss, and now a lot of fabric bosses almost day and night to keep in the factory R & D new" , The exhibition before the Yang Zhaohua visit enterprises feel quite profound. In the past the Association has been advocating to return to the product itself, the good quality, and now companies are consciously done, the spirit of the craftsmen also play more fully. July 5, CCTV discovery trip "artisans spirit" column also entered the Hangzhou Ke Li Da Home Textiles Co., Ltd., with the lens to record Ke Li Da craftsmen bit by bit. According to Ke Li Da, chairman of the company introduced the school, Ke Li Da textile factory has always been higher than the standard implementation of standards, has always attached importance to product development and quality control, so that every aspect of meticulous.

Yang Zhaohua said that the textile industry, especially the fabric industry this year, new challenges and difficulties encountered, the enterprise should return to the nature of the enterprise, the company's textile industry, especially in the textile industry to meet the needs of the Chinese textile industry, And stronger products to the spirit of craftsmen to promote the transformation and development of enterprises. This is also very consistent with the industry response to the three products industry strategy. Our business is fully involved, from their excellence in product development, go all out to prepare for Home Textiles Show, can be seen. I believe they will be at the show for us to offer the most sumptuous home feast.

This year, Kimberly-Clark will continue to "specialize in deep" concept of product development, the company in addition to process innovation and flower-type innovation, the corresponding development of a number of cost-effective flannel products. Huachen shares the use of imported equipment, production of shading and decorative features combo shade cloth, a substantial increase in its production efficiency, cost reduction, as just the concept of sales champion.

In addition, China's cloth industry has entered a "personalized, diversified consumption gradually become mainstream" era. Exhibitors of the textile enterprises have begun to focus on small quantities, personalized, multi-species, fast fashion customized production and services. Zhejiang Heshin Textile Co., Ltd. Electric Business Director Ding Yi said that this exhibition "and heart home" curtains and finished products focus on the innovative design of bed, through the bed of the flag, relying on the package to create a simple fashion home atmosphere. "Frank" the show full luxury wind, the interpretation of a new home culture. Hangzhou Ossade cloth Co., Ltd. to carry the Chinese brand Royal Long Court exhibitors. Tongxiang Yimi-kay Textile Co., Ltd. in research and development of new products this year, research and development of the wool fabric products, by the foreign businessmen favorite.

Now the Chinese fabric is facing opportunities and challenges in the "supply side of the structural reform" policy spring, the cloth industry not only to the traditional capacity upgrading, but also to the design, production and sales of the concept of upgrading and increase the fabric Product variety design, enhance the quality of fabric products, innovative sales model, service model and create brand. From the traditional model of development to the transformation of excellence, from the amount of survival to quality to win, to win the brand change. From the "cottage" imitation of technological innovation to change, so that the factory design and production of each product have become home textiles works of art.