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Cloth home furnishing products domestic market continues to expand

Update:15 Sep 2017

Breathable cotton linen fabric, simple and elegant flower pattern - cloth household goods always gives a close to the natural feeling. Probably because of this reason, cloth home appliances at home and abroad have a good market. Yiwu market fabric household goods has also been welcomed by domestic and foreign buyers, in recent years, the proportion of domestic market year after year, the market prospects.
International Trade City District 5 Zhejiang billion state household goods Co., Ltd., general manager of Sun Yanyan said that in recent years, domestic cloth fabric household goods market steadily improved, in August, the "billion state" in the country to recruit franchisees, ready to open in major cities to join Chain stores, Monopoly production of cloth household goods.
Domestic market continues to expand
"From the strict sense, cloth household goods from abroad to the domestic, but in recent years in the domestic market sales well, market share continues to expand, the consumer population is also expanding." Last year, Sun Yanyan's chain store program has been tried Water success in the country has 14 franchisees. This year, she again increased the scale, increase technology and brand investment, start a new round of chain store program, the reason is optimistic about the cloth home furnishing products in the domestic market.
In the Sun Yanyan shop, there are more than 20 categories of nearly a thousand kinds of fabric products. Large bedding, small remote control sets, from the living room to the kitchen (kitchen renovation renderings), those who can use cloth processing household items, have the fabric of the shadow.
"These products are breathable, environmentally friendly, foreign still like it, and now our domestic consumers are like this type of product, and the main consumer groups are between the ages of 20 to 45-year-old female." Sun Yanyan said, in order to meet this Consumer groups demand, the company continued research and development of new products, only a single skirt aprons, each quarter will be out of hundreds of models. On the apron, our design is more fashion-oriented, according to the preferences of consumers in color and style to work hard. "Sun Yanyan said, many of the more modern products, Consumers may not be cooking in the kitchen, but so "beautiful" apron really make them put it down.

In addition, the fabric household goods closely with the consumer crowd playing "warm card", made of cotton material with lovely lighting (decorative lighting effect map), coarse cloth decoration, linen steering wheel cover have become consumers a good helper home dress warm .
Export market lower sales as before
Russian guests, the German guests are particularly fond of Yiwu market fabric products, because of their domestic underdeveloped light industry, textile products mostly rely on imports, fabric household goods is a good example.
"5 years ago we opened shop in Alibaba, can receive a lot of foreign orders, now very few." Sun Yanyan said, for a variety of reasons, such as competition in the industry to encourage people to gradually increase, diluted Orders and so on. But the most important thing is that foreign economic downturn, foreign purchase is very conservative.
Yiwu Weiwei cloth firm's head, said the higher price of fabric products, once the economic situation is not good, foreign trade first put fabric products to reduce the volume of orders. "In the past tens of thousands of dollars of orders are now tens of thousands of tens of thousands of land to the next big single long single into a single short single.
"Before a towel products, one of our guests up to a time under the volume of three containers, the value of more than 100 million this year, only under a small cabinet orders, the value of more than 30 million, less Sun Yanyan also said that foreign business in the local as in previous years, one is to purchase cautious, and secondly to give themselves some more liquidity.
Cloth household goods export weakness, many businesses began to try to take the initiative to contact foreign investors through the network channels for orders. Weiwei cloth firm in Alibaba and other foreign trade platform opened the shop, their own products, "drying" the up. "We also find a professional customer service orders, anyway, multi-leg walking, there will always be a way."